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Took place on March 14-16 | In Support of Our Favorite Charity:

If you’re a farmer/grower or someone with a passion for the planet, then this event is for you!

We explored a diversity of topics including Soil Biology, No Till, Cover Crops, Compost, Rhizophagy, Reforestation, Permaculture, Nutrient Density, Deep Bed Farming, Animal & Human Health and many more…

Meet some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in Regenerative Agriculture,
Ecosystem Restoration, and Permaculture in this FREE, 3-day virtual event.

Why Join the Soil Regen Summit?

Increase Yields & Decrease Costs for Farmers

Regenerative agriculture is a viable alternative to conventional agriculture. Whatever type of farming you practice and
no matter where in the world you are located, there will be information here
that could transform your operation.

Learn How Regenerative Ag Heals the Planet

There are around 60 years of topsoil left on the planet, and insect populations are declining by 25% each decade, according to the UN. There’s no time to lose! Good news: regenerative agriculture really works!

Support A Truly Worthy Cause In Africa!

All donations from this event will go directly to, a non-profit that has educated & helped 30,000 African farmers to increase yields by over 100% while increasing profits substantially. More info here.

Soil Regen Summit 2021-2022
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Let’s make 2023 an even bigger success!

Our Host Dr. Elaine Ingham

Founder of the Soil Food Web School

Dr. Elaine Ingham is an internationally renowned microbiologist and soil biology pioneer. She is the founder of the Soil Food Web School and an author of the USDA’s Soil Biology Primer.

#SRS23 Keynote Speakers

Get access to Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, and Meet & Greet Sessions with the following experts:

David Johnson

Research Scientist, Molecular Biologist

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Author, Environmental Activist, Scholar and Founder of Navdanya

Charles Dowding

No Dig Garden Enthusiast, Horticulturalist, Author

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Soil Biology Pioneer, Founder of Soil Food Web School

Dr. James White

Professor of Plant Pathology, Rutgers, University

John D. Liu

Filmmaker, Ecologist, Founder of Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Ernst Gotsch

Commercial Farmer, Syntropic Agriculture

Lyla June

Dine' Artist, Scholar, Community Organizer

Dan Kittredge

Founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association

Nathan Deboer

Green Manure & Cover Crops Enthusiast

Raya Grieb

Permaculture Design Instructor, Social Justice Advocate, Herbalist

Ron Weiss, MD

Executive Director of Ethos Primary Care, and Assistant Professor

Ash Ritter

Ethnobotanist, Herbalist, Writer

Paul Morris

Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner

Koen van Seijen

Author, Host of the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Alex Gerard

Executive Director of Tiyeni

Colin Andrews

Chair of Tiyeni

Dr. Carla Portugal

Instructor, Mentor, Researcher, and Translator for the Soil Food Web School

Alan Watson Featherstone

Public Speaker, Ecologist, Nature Photographer, and Writer

Isaac Monjo Chavula

Country Director of Tiyeni

#SRS23 Keynote Speakers

Get access to Keynote Presentations, Panel Discussions, and Meet & Greet Sessions with the following experts:

Our Summit Charity,

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

With a handful of volunteers, a very limited budget, and a great deal of passion, Tiyeni has helped over 30,000 farmers to dramatically increase their crop yields (by ~140% on average) and their profits (by as much as 900%).


In 2020 the Soil Food Web School donated $60,000 of training to Tiyeni’s team of trainers in Malawi, Africa, and since then, we have helped them raise over $135,000 in successive summits, thanks to all those who attended and donated.


If you’re as inspired as we are to help African families feed themselves, please consider making a donation after you register for your FREE Soil Regen Summit all-access pass.

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